What is a Ridge?

What is a Ridge?

What is a ridge simple definition?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : an elevated body part or structure. 2a : a range of hills or mountains. b : an elongate elevation on an ocean bottom.

What is a ridge example?

The definition of a ridge is a long, narrow crest of something. An example of a ridge is the strip of mountains in the Southeast area of Mt. Everest from Nepal. An example of a ridge is along an animal’s backbone.

What is ridge in geography?

A ridge or a mountain ridge is a geographical feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for some distance. The sides of the ridge slope away from narrow top on either side.

What is another word for ridge?

What is another word for ridge?
precipice scarp
crag escarpment
cliff peak
overhang headland
height promontory

8 more rows

What does a ridge do?

a long, narrow elevation of land; a chain of hills or mountains. the long and narrow upper edge, angle, or crest of something, as a hill, wave, or vault.

What are ridges in agriculture?

What is ridging and what kind of benefits can it bring? By ridging, it’s intended a technique which permits to cover the base of the plants with the soil. By doing so, the productivity of the crop is increased and grant a better protection for the plants from bad weather conditions and from weeds.

What is a ridge in the ocean?

oceanic ridge, any of several continuous submarine mountain chains rising from the ocean floor. Individually, oceanic ridges are the largest features in ocean basins.

What is the difference between a ridge and a valley?

Ridge (Also: Arete or Spur) A continuous elevated terrain with sloping sides. A valley can be V or U shaped and often can be seen as a negative to a ridge. On a map, valleys are represented by the same contour shape as ridges with the difference being the the wide openings are at lower elevation.

Whats the opposite of a ridge?

What is the opposite of ridges?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for ridge. disperse, dissipate, scatter.

What is the ridge of a house?

Roof Ridge: The roof ridge, or ridge of a roof is the horizontal line running the length of the roof where the two roof planes meet. This intersection creates the highest point on a roof, sometimes referred to as the peak. Hip and ridge shingles are specifically designed for this part of a roof.

How do the ocean ridges form?

The mid-ocean ridge is a continuous range of undersea volcanic mountains that encircles the globe almost entirely underwater. … It formed and evolves as a result of spreading in Earth’s lithospherethe crust and upper mantleat the divergent boundaries between tectonic plates.

What is fractionated plateau?

The fractioned plateau is the longest mountain chain on the earth’s surface which is submerged under the sea. It is characterized by a central rift system at the crest.

What caused the ridges in Pennsylvania?

During the Appalachian orogany, these sediments became folded, faulted, and moved around. Only during the past few million years has the landscape we see today taken shape. The relatively softer or easily weathered rocks became valleys while the harder and erosion-resistant rocks became the mountain ridges.

What does a depression look like on a topographic map?

Contour lines that show a depression, crater, or sinkhole on a map are represented by dashed lines (hachure marks) on the inside of a contour line. The elevation of the first depression contour is the same as the nearest regular contour line.