What is Attrition?

What is Attrition?

What is an example of attrition?

The definition of attrition means wearing down or wasting away, or the natural decline in the number of people working in an organization. An example of attrition is a cliff face eroding due to rain and wind. An example of attrition is one army wearing down another throughout the course of a war.

What does employee attrition meaning?

Attrition is the departure of employees from the organization for any reason (voluntary or involuntary), including resignation, termination, death or retirement.

What attrition means?

The term attrition refers to a gradual but deliberate reduction in staff numbers that occurs as employees retire or resign and are not replaced. It is commonly used to describe downsizing in a firm’s employee pool by human resources (HR) professionals.

Is retirement considered attrition?

Staff attrition refers to the loss of employees through a natural process, such as retirement, resignation, elimination of a position, personal health, or other similar reasons. With attrition, an employer will not fill the vacancy left by the former employee.

Is attrition the opposite of retention?

What is the difference between attrition and retention? A retention rate is the percentage of employees your business has retained over a specified time period. An attrition rate looks at the exact opposite or retention. The attrition rate shows the percentage of employees you lost and did not replace.

How do you use attrition in a sentence?

Attrition in a Sentence ?
  1. Police officer attrition is making it difficult for law enforcement to safeguard the entire community.
  2. As a result of teacher attrition, a lot of classrooms are overcrowded.
  3. The Girl Scout troop’s attrition is sizable because many families have moved out of the neighborhood.

What does attrition mean in school?

Student attrition is the reduction in numbers of students attending courses as time goes by. College dropouts may leave their course for a number of reasons, not all related to educational issues, for example due to the development of health problems.

What is the opposite of attrition?

Opposite of the act or state of applying, or being subjected to, friction. buildup. accretion. building. happiness.

What does attrition mean in sales?

The term attrition, which is most familiar in the context of human resources or personnel, is also used in sales. Attrition as a sales term refers to customer loss and retention. Customer attrition directly influences profit and growth.

What is the attrition in BPO?

Attrition is the rate at which members of staff leave the workforce over a given period of time. It is also known as employee turnover, or employee churn, although in the contact centre industry, churn tends to refer to the flow of customers rather than staff.

What is attrition criminology?

In the field of criminology, attrition has been defined as ‘the process whereby cases drop out of the criminal justice system at one of a number of potential points of exit from that system‘ (Lea et al., 2003: 583).

What is attrition in a research study?

Attrition is the loss of study units from a sample. It occurs when an analysis does not include a sample member who was randomly assigned. Within a study, attrition rates may vary across time periods, data sources, and outcomes.

How does attrition affect an organization?

In today’s competitive business environment, the impact of attrition on a business can be detrimental to both the bottom line and morale. Attrition can involve the loss of employees or the loss of customers. Both employee turnover or failure to retain customers over time can challenge managers.

Is there a verb for attrition?

verb (used with object), attrited, attriting. to make smaller by attrition.

How do you reduce attrition?

10 Steps to Help Reduce Agent Attrition in Call Centers
  1. Optimize recruiting and hiring. Reducing agent attrition starts with hiring the right agents for your team. …
  2. Enhance training programs. …
  3. Enhance customer satisfaction focused monitoring. …
  4. Establish clear communication channels. …
  5. Enhance recognition and rewards programs.

What are the reasons for attrition?

Causes of a high attrition rate and how to reduce it
  • Poor management. Employees look to their managers for direction, some level of guidance, inclusion and, in some cases, defense. …
  • A lack of recognition. …
  • No opportunity for growth. …
  • Toxic work environment. …
  • Finding a solution to prevent attrition.

How many types of attrition are there in BPO?

There are two main types of employee attrition: Voluntary attrition: When an employee chooses to leave the company, that is voluntary attrition. This can include any reason an employee leaves on their own accord, whether it’s truly voluntary or not.

What is attrition in pharmaceutical engineering?

ABSTRACTS: Attrition refers to the reduction in staff and employees in a company through normal means, such as retirement and resignation.

What is shrinkage and attrition in BPO?

Shrinkage can encompass planned events, such as breaks, paid time off, training, team meetings, coaching sessions, or other activities. It can also include unplanned events such as absenteeism, tardiness or agent attrition. It may also include time lost when agents do not adhere to their planned schedule.

What is healthy attrition rate?

While it’s difficult to define a good attrition rate, businesses should generally aim for an attrition rate of 10% or lower. Keep in mind however that this number will vary from company to company and industry to industry, depending on the circumstances.

What was the war of attrition in ww1?

The First World War is often perceived as a war of attrition, a conflict in which each side tried to wear the other down by killing as many of its men as possible.

What is the synonyms for attrition?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for attrition, like: abrasion, wearing down, rubbing, wearing away, friction, weakening, grinding down, erosion, depreciation, gradual disintegration and reduction.

How do you use mandate in a sentence?

Mandate in a Sentence ?
  1. The marshal was given a mandate to use all resources to bring in the escaped prisoner.
  2. During the hurricane, several rescue groups received a mandate to help evacuate the city.
  3. Does the mandate allow police officers to carry their weapons aboard commercial airplanes?

What is attrition in higher ed?

Attrition is the unit of measurement used to determine the rate of dropout of students who do not return for or during their first and second-year of college. There is difficulty distinguishing between academic failure and withdrawal due to transfer or a temporary leave.

What is Tinto’s theory of student departure?

Tinto’s Theory of Student Departure states that the more students integrate into the life of the college, the more successful they will be and the more likely the student will remain in school until graduation.

What is BPO shrinkage?

Call center shrinkage denotes the difference between the time customer service agents are paid for answering calls and to serve their customers, and the amount of time they actually spend doing their job and making/receiving calls. The difference in the two duration is known as shrinkage.

How is attrition calculated in a call center?

In order to calculate the attrition rate, you just take the number of attritions (or employees who left the company), divided by the average number of employees, and then multiplied by 10. For example, if you had 47 agents leave in a year, with an average of 340 employees, your attrition rate would be 13.82%.

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